SS Probitas - underwater treasure

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Tired of the weather in Poland and the pandemic situation, we (me and my family) decided to set off on a journey to the south of Europe. We went (to quote a Croatian border policeman) on a "Balkan Trip". Due to the changing epidemic situation, we were able to reach Albania and got stuck here. However, it was not a bad experience. On the contrary, Albania has turned out to be a fascinating and unknown land for us. We were welcomed by breathtaking views. On one hand, coasts stretching from the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea with a few littered beaches and lovely sunshine morning, and on the other hand, snow on the peaks of the mountains and a lot of rain afternoon. This country is full of surprises. However, the most interesting things can be found here under the water. The very big piece of history is submerged under the surface of both seas.

The wreck of the Italian cargo ship SS Probitas was one of the most interesting discoveries for me. It was found by a research vessel of The RPM Nautical Foundation's Hercules, inside the Bay of Saranda in Albania.

Historical background

The ship was built in 1918 and sank in at the end of WWII in the year 1943.